There are Scholarships being made available all the time and they cover a broad range of areas and have differing selection criteria. Two resources you can use to search for Scholarships are below:

The "Good Universities Guide" Scholarship Finder:

This is the largest and most comprehensive scholarship database in Australia.

The "Country Education Foundation":

This website specifically offers scholarships aimed at Rural and Regional students.

Also, as I become aware of any Scholarships, I will post the details for you below:

Current Scholarships:

Below are a list of the current scholarships. Please see the Careers Adviser for further details.

Scholarship: Details: Closing Date:
Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates

$3,000 Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates. The grant is provided in the form of one $1,000 gift voucher per year for three years in the form of gift vouchers to the Co-op bookshop (or another bookshop chosen by the recipient).

It is aimed at first-year university students and is awarded on 1 February every year. Applications are open all year, thus most students apply in Year 12 so they can access the first $1,000 instalment for the first year of their tertiary studies. Applications can be made online here:

31 Jan 2019
CEF scholarships

Click on this link for the 2018 Scholarship Guide. The Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) is a not-for-profit organisation providing rural and regional young people the chance at an education or training opportunity

31 Jan 2019