Job Vacancies

The two websites below are excellent to ways to find jobs - whether it be full time, part time or casual.

1. Spot Jobs:

This is a fantastic website with lots of jobs for school students and school leavers. They have plenty of full time, part time, casual and holiday jobs.

2. JobActive (by Job Search):

This is a Federal Government's job search website. It has job vacancies across the whole of Australia.

As I become aware of any local job vacancies, I will post them for you below:

Current Job Vacancies:

Please contact the Contact Person listed for each vacancy or see me for further details.

Position: Details: Contact: Closing Date:
Plumbing Apprenticeship

See Miss Gill for more information

Miss Gill 02 Mar 2018
Cadet Engineer

Cadet position currently available

See weblink 16 Mar 2018

Are you 14 and 9 months or older?

Jobs available at both back area and Front Counter.


Apply online at